The Maumee River has something for nearly everyone to appreciate. Because of Upper Maumee Canoe and Kayak, the only livery on the upper Maumee, this beautiful river is also accessible to everyone. We offer a variety of trip distances, equipment and other activities to suit casual curiosity to the committed adventurer. Spend a morning, afternoon or an entire weekend.


Antwerp Park to Upper Maumee (2-3.5 hrs)

Our most commonly booked trip, the Antwerp Park to Upper Maumee trip is an ideal way to see the real beauty of the rural stretches of the Maumee without spending all day in a canoe or kayak. Ideal for those looking for a fun morning or afternoon activity with friends or family. This distance is also manageable for children and first time canoe and kayakers. Trip time varies based on water levels, how hard you paddle, and number of stops.

Near Indiana to Upper Maumee (4-5 hours)

This trip includes the same stretch as the park trek but we drop you further upstream so you get more river to enjoy! This trip is a great distance for those looking to spend half a day on the water. We advise that you start earlier in the day due to the duration, last drop for this trip is 1:30 PM as we do not want our guests trying to find the landing in the dark.

Fort Wayne to Upper Maumee (2 full days)

WARNING! This trip is not for novices, faint of heart, first time paddlers or those who do not like the great outdoors. If you’re a true adventurer and are a “bucket list” kind of person then this may be a trip for you and your crew! The drop is at the North Anthony bridge in Fort Wayne, IN where the Maumee River begins. You then paddle to the half way point which is Bull Rapids island where you will setup camp for the night before day 2 of paddling to Upper Maumee. We have done this trip ourselves and loved it but you truly must plan to enjoy it. Please call for details on this trip before booking.


Canoeing is an age old sport that has been used for transportation, fishing, hunting, sport, and recreation as long as they have been around. Not much has changed in the thousands of years of canoeing history. All over the world canoes are still used for all of those categories and their appeal continues to grow. For those Westerners who want to get into canoeing the options are near limitless. Advances in technology have improved canoe performance as well as affordability.

Price: starting at $35.00/canoe


Kayaks have become increasingly popular for leisure paddlers in recent years. A kayak seats one person vs. 2-3 people that can sit in a canoe. The kayak uses one, double-sided paddle instead of a single ended paddle. A kayak may paddle more easily because it has less wetted surface area (and therefore, less friction) than the canoe. Ease-of-paddling (not superior speed) is a major reason why some people prefer kayaks to canoes. We currently have single person kayaks available for rent.

Price: starting at $30.00/kayak

Primitive Camp

The two acres of shaded river bank that make up the Upper Maumee landing area are perfect for enjoyment of the river from the stability of dry land. Bring friends or your family or completely get away to a quiet view of the river and wildlife. You may choose to fish for fun or bring a book, yard games, or just enjoy the natural entertainment.

Picnic tables, fire rings, and port-a-jon facilities are provided with firewood available for purchase. There are not modern shower facilities. This is primitive camp.

Price: $15.00/night per site